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Valentine's Day: Thoughts on LOVE & Romance

Happy Valentine's Day, Loved Ones!  

How is your heart on this day that celebrates romantic love? Mine is feeling happy, peaceful and open to receive and share love courageously and with vulnerability.

Here at Rejoy Living - on the Bliss Blog and everywhere else! - we are constantly talking about the power of words. We love exploring what words like “LOVE” mean to us! We are so into diving deep into self-love and empowering women through love, and we talk about that pretty much every day! But since today is Valentine’s Day, we thought we would explore a part of LOVE that we don’t talk about as often...romantic love.

I feel like the word LOVE is actually made up of many different words and feelings. And just like with any recipe, you can’t have the complete fully-baked product without adding in all the ingredients! So, this Valentine’s Day I’m sharing my personal list of ingredients for Romantic LOVE...



Turn off that cell phone and tv and tune into each other. Nothing can replace dropping into the moment, together. Tuning out all the noisy, frantic energy of the world so two souls can meet to commune in a place outside of time and space. Everything that really matters is spoken through total presence. Seeing each other, feeling each other, no words needed- just full, open-hearted PRESENCE.  



Laughter is truly the best medicine! There's nothing better than sharing an inside joke. You cannot have love without laughter. Giggle! Forget you’re a grown-up! Let each other play, dance, move and connect with the inner child that lives inside all of us. Play with abandon!



Though we are fully capable of being strong and independent women, sometimes we crave someone else taking initiative. Make us feel appreciated. Make plans, be chivalrous, show up and be vocal about the people and things you value.  

Respect & Adoration


We love to be told we are beautiful and valued. Respect and worship our divine femininity and we, in turn, worship and respect your masculinity and your grounded presence.

Sacred Partnership


This is the most important ingredient of all. “Partnership” is not just the traditional roles of “boyfriend/girlfriend” or “husband/wife”. We are after something richer, deeper, juicier, more meaningful.  It’s Sacred Partnership we are cultivating, creating and experiencing together. Our union should inspire us both to bring each other (and the world), the very best we have to offer from the depths of our hearts and souls.   

This is what my heart is calling for this Valentine’s Day!  Now, your desires may look radically different than mine. (In fact, I would LOVE if you shared some of your ingredients for Romantic Love in the comments below!). The thing is, there is no right or wrong way to do this fun, crazy, wild thing called romantic love. I do feel it’s important to sit down and get clear on what’s meaningful to you because it forces you to get clear on what it is you *really* want to manifest in your life.  

Happy Valentines Day, Lovers!  May we all manifest our every heart’s desire. Xo

With Love,


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