“We believe everything shared must be done with love, unity and inspired bliss.”


When you light a candle you are making a choice to honor and celebrate the present moment. It's more than a candle, it's a way of life that honors the light within. Our unique sustainable coconut oil candles achieve a pure, clean, soot-free burn that allows our signature parfums to release without distortion. Slip into bliss and indulge your senses with the latest in eco-chic luxury living."

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We are on a mission to experience and share more JOY, LOVE, GRATITUDE and FAITH.

When you buy a Rejoy Living candle, you are helping girls everywhere shine their light!


We are proud to say that a portion of our proceeds goes to Girls Inc., an organization dedicated to empowering young women to discover and develop their inner strengths. Girls receive programming to help them grow up healthy, educated, independent, and empowered. 


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