Our Product

We’ve created an innovative, sustainable candle wax made from 100% non-GMO, food-grade certified coconut oil, with the highest possible concentration of pure essential oils. THAT’S IT. No parabens, no soot, no nonsense. Just the cleanest-possible burn for the most eco-friendly and luxurious home fragrance experience.

When you burn a candle, the ingredients used to make that candle release into the air you breathe. That's why we're committed to producing luxurious eco-friendly fragrances that are healthy for your home, and sustainable for our planet.
  • Natural Coconut Wax Blend
  • Clean Burn, No black soot
  • Paraben Free
  • No GMO Coconut
  • Essential oil blend
  • Food Grade Coconut Oil
  • Lead Free Cotton Wick
  • 12% Perfum Grade Oils
  • Hand poured in the USA
  • Sustainable wax blend

Our Mission: The RejoyLiving WO-manifesto

  • We are WORTHY of self-care, pleasure, and nurturing. We know it is what restores us back to our glorious feminine essence.
  • We have a VOICE and we are not afraid to speak. It's the most powerful voice because its message comes from the wisdom in our hearts.
  • We believe UNITY reins supreme. We protect and honor our families, our community, all of humanity, and our planet.
  • We know our POWER comes from our softness and our femininity, and we will lead from that place.
  • We know true beauty comes from inner RADIANCE. It has nothing to do with body size, age, skin color or any other physical attributes. Radiance comes from the LIGHT that is lit within.
      — Rejoy Marsella
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      • Non-GMO Coconut Oil
      • Hand Poured in USA