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Our WO-Manifesto!

It is my belief that we are at the doorstep to another major cultural shift with the feminine.  And this one...oh, this one... is GOOOOD! I am so excited to be a woman at this time in history because you see, dear sisters...we are the midwives that will birth this radiant, powerful way of being into the world.

So, Lovely Ones, here is our WO-manifesto:

  • We are WORTHY of self-care, pleasure and nurturing as we know it is what restores us back to our glorious feminine essence.

  • We have a VOICE and we are not afraid to speak.  It's the most powerful voice because it’s message comes from the wisdom in our hearts.

  • We believe UNITY reins supreme.  We protect and honor our families, our community, all of humanity and our planet.

  • We know our POWER comes from our softness, our femininity, and we will lead from that place.

  • We know true beauty comes from inner RADIANCE.  It has nothing to do with body size, age, skin color or any other physical attributes.  Radiance comes from the LIGHT that is lit within.


When one woman shines her LIGHT, the whole world shines brighter.


What's in YOUR Wo-Manifesto?! We want to know! Tell us in the comments or on Social Media @rejoyliving- we'll be turning some of our favorite responses into beautifully designed quotes that you can share with all your friends. We can't wait to hear from you!

XOXO, Rejoy

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