Ever since I was a little girl I have been very aware of wellness and what I choose to put in my body.


I owe so much of this to my grandparents who grew much of their own food on their ranch. I remember walking with my grandmother through the orchards and gardens, tending to all the amazing fresh foods and vegetables. I’ll never forget how she used to carry a salt shaker in her pocket, pull a tomato off the vine, wipe it with her apron, and hand it to me to eat!

If I told my grandmother now that we spray poison on tomatoes to keep the bugs away she would be horrified! It would be unfathomable to her. I’m so grateful that such a big part of my childhood was spent surrounding myself with what’s wholesome and healthy, as well as honoring and loving nature!

Later when I got into high school, I became really interested and invested in dance (I still am! Check out my instagram stories if you want proof!). When you’re a dancer, your body is your instrument. So you have to keep your instrument in tune with healthy living and healthy eating.

What I didn’t fully comprehend until later in life was that healthy living is about SO much more than food!


It’s easy to think about what we’re taking into our body in terms of what we eat, but when was the last time you *really* thought about what you were taking in through your lungs and the air you breathe?

When I first began researching what ingredients I was going to use for my candles, I wasn’t even aware that most candles on the market contain petroleum by-products. They also contain all kinds of harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients; all of which are released into the air you and your family breathe, causing soot and smoke to spread all around the house! (Also, side note, this is especially bad for animals and babies as they have much smaller lung capacity and it affects them even more). Of course, companies use these bad-for-you ingredients because they’re cheaper, they can mark the product up more, and make more of a profit.

But me? I am WAY more interested in investing in ingredients that won’t pollute the air my customers breathe, even if it means I make less profit.


I wouldn’t even consider for a nano-second using anything less than the most sustainable, high-quality ingredients. That’s why I chose to work with a local manufacturer here in Venice Beach, CA that makes the cleanest burning, food-grade coconut wax blend with ZERO petroleum in it.

If I’m breathin’ it, I should be able to eat it!


Our coconut wax blend is made from 100% non-GMO food-grade coconut oil plus a little bit of beeswax, and a touch of  apricot oil to keep it solid (instead of petroleum). It’s totally clean, contains all natural products, with NO chemicals, and ZERO petroleum. Even our wick is made from organic cotton and is totally lead free!

Not only is the wax and scent blend we use safe for the body and healthy for the planet, but this company gives back to the community as well.


In fact, they are specifically set up to employ those who have a harder time finding work due to physical disability or mental health challenges. Now THAT is something I can get behind.

Now that you know more about our healthy wax blend and our commitment to making the world a healthier, happier, better place; stay tuned for our next Bliss Blog about the science of scent and how we meticulous chose our potent perfumes!

XOXO, Rejoy

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